Great Christmas Gifts and Great Savings

I’m so excited about the WOW Deals!!!! This one is $191 of my favorite products from Avon for only $50 I’ve already started shopping for Christmas. Stocking stuffers like deodorants, perfumes, lotions etc. To slippers, clothes, and other wonderful products. Shopping Avon Products Online are easier Now than Ever! In Just a Few Clicks yourContinue reading “Great Christmas Gifts and Great Savings”

Happy Halloween To All my Friends & Family, here comes the Holidays :)

It’s that time of the year again. We need get our shopping done for Christmas. I start shopping the day after Christmas, but to be honest, this is when I get serious. I have to start wrapping and figuring out what else I need to buy. We never have enough money or time. The mostContinue reading “Happy Halloween To All my Friends & Family, here comes the Holidays :)”

Love the All-Time Superstar Bundle’s

I’m so excited! I just ordered this great deal with the complete Vitamin C Brighten Me Gift Set that is normally $92 by it’s self, but Im also getting the Bonus size bath oil, the Ultimate Multi-Performance Day cream that is one of Avon’s best skin care creams and Far Away Parfum. All the productsContinue reading “Love the All-Time Superstar Bundle’s”

Why Avon’s Skin-So-Soft is Unique?

What makes Skin-So-Soft unique? The original Skin So Soft has just a few ingredients, so the chances of allergic reaction are slim. The main ingredients listed areĀ mineral oil, fragrance and carrot seed oil. This is the basis of the bath oil, with two oils as a base and the fragrance to impart a pleasant aroma.Continue reading “Why Avon’s Skin-So-Soft is Unique?”

Why Skin So Soft’s Bug Guard Is The Best

Order ->”“ This is the only bug spray I have used that actually works. It is very light and non-greasy, and does not have an overpowering scent like some sprays do. Doesn’t bother my eczema. I keep several extra on hand. This product is a staple in my household. The scent is very nice, notContinue reading “Why Skin So Soft’s Bug Guard Is The Best”

Protect Your family Against the Sun and Mosquitos

BugšŸ¦ŸGuard from AvonšŸ’ž ā©”“#avon #bugguard #skinsosoftft #discount #buyonline. This Summer, stock up on the product, that you love and trust. Moisturizes and protects skin from the suns rays. Protects your family from insects like mosquitoes and ticks that may transmit West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Moisturizes with aloe and vitamin E. Shop my online eStore day orContinue reading “Protect Your family Against the Sun and Mosquitos”