Stop And Invest In Your Family

Have you ever wondered why we have so many issues in society? We’ll, it really starts in childhood. The investment we do with our children. I have 4 adult children, 1 eleven-year-old and 7 grandchildren. Sure, nature verses nurture is a big question. But to be honest, it is critical for children to get lotsContinue reading “Stop And Invest In Your Family”

Self Understanding

I always wonder why people do what they do? Some people help others, and some just look out for “number one”. Funny part is that when people are looking out for number one, they seem to be unhappy. Yet, those who help others seem to be the happiest people in the world. The key toContinue reading “Self Understanding”

Something To Think About

What is your relationship with your Family? What is your parenting like? Your relationships with others? Have you ever thought about who will attend your funeral or Memorial, when you die? I was told the story of my Great-Grandpa, Guy Quackenbush, who lived in Lamar Missouri.  He died in the 1970s.  So many people lovedContinue reading “Something To Think About”