Letting Go & Be Happy

Have you ever told yourself that life would be better with that new car, the perfect house, perfect job, or that perfect mate? I was one of those people. To be honest, at times I fall back into that same negative thinking. In reality, you have everything you need to be happy. Here’s what IContinue reading “Letting Go & Be Happy”

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As the Day Comes To Put in My Avon Order I’m here to help with questions. Remember, Avon has the most trusted products at a great price. If you order from my Online site, it will arrive in just a few days. As time goes on, we get better about getting what you need toContinue reading “Visit my online eBrochure”

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Free Shipping this Saturday thru Monday this Memorial Weekend 2021 FREE Shipping on any order $25 or more this Memorial weekend Starting Saturday until Monday. Great time to buy AVON Online. My online Brochure, click here “https://www.avon.com/brochure?rep=slv” Delivers within a couple of days to your front door. Shop in your PJs and on your lunchContinue reading “Free Shipping this Memorial Weekend May 29-31, 2021”