How To Be Truly Happy?

We have control of : Optimism / Positivity / Happiness.

To start, love, in any form, brings happiness to our lives. Our relationships with friends, family, and significant others will improve your quality of life and bring joy to it.

My Son Nicholas and me

“We’re social creatures at heart, no matter how shy or quiet some of us are,” says Quora user Joshua Otusanya. “We desire to be loved by those closest to us. In order to be happy, it’s imperative to have meaningful relationships with other people, both romantic and platonic. What’s the point of living a life of happiness when you can’t experience it with those close to you?”

My daughter Sarah and me

This is a no-brainer, but having access to food, water, clothing, and shelter are key to happiness. However, the misconception is that more money and material things beyond these needs directly correlates to happiness, and that’s not necessarily the case.

My granddaughter Nikki and I

After the necessities are taken care of, then you have your relationships. I’m not talking about romantic, I’m talking about your connections with others.

A huge part of happiness in your life is being happy with yourself. Life really is too short dwelling on things. We need to look at what we have and be thankful for those around us.

Me Now and Then

“The key is to love yourself,” says Quora user Andrea Haas. “When you learn how to have love for yourself, you’ll notice several things will happen: You’ll stop looking outside yourself for happiness. You won’t feel forced into doing things for acceptance or approval, and stop buying things you don’t need for temporary pleasure.

My uncle Ron, Me, And Cousin Dennis

You’ll stop taking things personally. Rejection isn’t soul-crushing . No one could understand you the way you understand yourself, so don’t expect them to. Be your own advocate.

Your life will become more colorful. Without those social pressures you’ll discover the things you truly enjoy doing, and may even discover some hidden talents in the process. Your motivations will be pure. You won’t be getting fit or advancing in your career to impress anyone, you’ll be doing it for you.

Me, I’m an RN

You’ll realize you deserve to be happy. You’ll even find it’s much easier to give love to others.”

So the true key to happiness is within you and how you look at life.

My husband, my granddaughters Jenna & Isabella, and me

I love this article “11 Habits of Truly Happy People ” By Dr. Travis Bradberry. I have to say, I really agree with him. He list:

  1. Create your own happiness (don’t sit back and wait for it). …
  2. Surround yourself with the right people. …
  3. Get enough sleep. …
  4. Live in the moment. …
  5. Learn to love yourself. …
  6. Appreciate what you have. …
  7. Exercise. …
  8. Forgive, but don’t forget.
  9. Get in touch with your feelings.
  10. Concentrate on what you can control.
  11. Have a growth mindset. (He goes onto say: “People’s core attitudes fall into one of two categories: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. With a fixed mindset, you believe you are who you are and you cannot change. This creates problems when you’re challenged, because anything that appears to be more than you can handle is bound to make you feel hopeless and overwhelmed. People with a growth mindset believe that they can improve with effort. This makes them happier because they are better at handling difficulties. They also outperform those with a fixed mindset because they embrace challenges, treating them as opportunities to learn something new.”

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If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

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