A New Campaign has Started

It’s a new year, and a new you. I’m starting my new year with a new look, new makeup and a new attitude.

Every year I start my year with a New Years resolution. What is yours going to be? Mine is going to be: 1) Build my business, 2) help others start their businesses, 3) Spend more time with my family and friends, 4) Eat more salads and other healthy foods, 5) Just be a better me.

So I’m starting at my go to place, my Avon eStore. I find all my makeups, shower products, toiletries, jewelry, not to mention the clothes.

I’m so excited about the new year.

I have been using and loving my Avon products, while building my business. For a long time, I’ve been told I should love what I do. Well, now I understand. I have taken care of most of my gifts with Avon products, and spoiled myself.

I still have my favorite products for skin care etc, but I have found some new shampoos & conditioners that has really made my hair look, feel, and smell wonderful.

I have found the perfect foundation, of course using the make over app on my eStore.

There is so much, and I have learned so much. This year, 2022, will be a great year for my new look, and new experiences.

I’m also looking to help others learn to be their own bosses and have the freedom to make their own schedules and have the freedom to work from anywhere. The beauty of Avon is that I can be your mentor and your friend from anywhere across the country. Let me know if you would like to join my team. If so, click the picture below, or follow the directions on the picture below 🙂

If your looking for an Avon Representative. I’m an eRep. Let me help you with your beauty needs 🙂

Why Shop Online:

  1. You always get the best prices!
  2. You can enter the monthly sweepstakes for Free!
  3. You can sign up to receive custom coupon codes!
  4. You’ll receive your order faster, usually 3-5 days!
  5. Avon Online Stores are open 24/7! My eStore click here -> “Sandra Summers’ eStore
  6. Shop from anywhere in the USA & still get personal care from me as your Avon Lady!
  7. Avon’s Virtual Try It On Tool, saves you money, by finding the right color before purchasing!
  8. You get to avoid crowds! Especially around the holidays.
  9. Delivers directly to your front door, just by a push of a button!
  10. Digital Catalog!

If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

Published by SLV Avon

I am an independent Avon representative. I am also a mother. My most important job is being a mom which is why I sell Avon. I love to mentor and guide new Avon Representatives to a higher level of success. to become Their Own Boss. A beauty boss. Make beauty your business, get started by clicking: 1) "www.startavon.com" 2) put in reference code "SLV" 3) putting your personal information. 4) in a few days your startup kit will arrive and I will follow up with you to help you become Your Own Boss. if you have any issues with signing up please text me at 719 - 937-9410. My personal website is "Check out my site at "https://slv.avonrepresentative.com" it's time to get started on your destiny :)

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