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I love sparkling grapefruit & orange Blossom. makes my senses fall in love 🙂 #laugh #love #beauty #SLV #live #world

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Since I’m a nurse, and I an always washing my hands, I suffer from dry skin? I know I’m not alone. Different environmental and genetic factors cause dryness, which continues to be a leading skin concern. To treat dry areas, you need a moisturizing body lotion. We’ve gathered up some of our best formulas that will provide your skin with intense, long-lasting moisture.

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Come to your senses. Avon Senses body lotions are designed to provide your skin with 30 hours of moisture while giving skin a healthy and velvety smooth appearance. Opt for Avon Senses Sparkling Grapefruit and Orange Blossom for an uplifting citrus scent, Avon Senses Cozy Vanilla & Coconut for an indulgent, comforting experience, or Avon Senses Fresh Bergamot and Wild Mint for a light and refreshing feel. We’ve updated the Avon Senses collection with fresh new packaging, complete with a revamped logo and playful cartoon-inspired artwork.

Protect and support your skin’s microbiome with Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Lotion, which replenishes moisture while soothing and balancing to leave skin softer, smoother and healthier-looking. Use it alongside Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Wash for a moisturizing body care routine.


Let me be your eRepresentative & reach out and let me know if you need anything. My email is I get back to everyone that sends me emails. If you need assistance faster, feel free to text me at 719-937-9410.

If your looking for an Avon Representative. I’m an eRep. Let me help you with your beauty needs 🙂

Why Shop Online:

  1. You always get the best prices!
  2. You can enter the monthly sweepstakes for Free!
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  6. Shop from anywhere in the USA & still get personal care from me as your Avon Lady!
  7. Avon’s Virtual Try It On Tool, saves you money, by finding the right color before purchasing!
  8. You get to avoid crowds! Especially around the holidays.
  9. Delivers directly to your front door, just by a push of a button!
  10. Digital Catalog!

If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

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I am an independent Avon representative. I am also a mother. My most important job is being a mom which is why I sell Avon. I love to mentor and guide new Avon Representatives to a higher level of success. to become Their Own Boss. A beauty boss. Make beauty your business, get started by clicking: 1) "" 2) put in reference code "SLV" 3) putting your personal information. 4) in a few days your startup kit will arrive and I will follow up with you to help you become Your Own Boss. if you have any issues with signing up please text me at 719 - 937-9410. My personal website is "Check out my site at "" it's time to get started on your destiny :)

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