Why Is Skin-So-Soft So Popular?

There is nothing more irritating and uncomfortable than dry, cracked, skin. Thank God, for Skin So Soft products that have been hydrating and protecting skin for decades now. Who wouldn’t want to try a product called “Skin So Soft” anyway? It literally makes your skin so soft! Taking care of your skin is extremely important to your health as well as your physical appearance. My grandmother looks amazing for an 80-year-old and you know what she focuses on the most? Her skin! The way your skin looks is a real determining factor of your age. Keep it looking fresh and you won’t look a day over 25!

Avon explains their value system with the acronym – BIRTH.  Belief – You need to believe in the associates so they will go above and beyond to prove you’re right. Integrity – Each and every associate should have the highest ethical standards which will provide the greatest care to the customers and colleagues. Respect – Having respect for one another allows for differences to be valued which brings out the full potential in each person. Trust – A good associate trusts that everyone is doing the right thing.

This allows for open communication, which will allow for greater success. Finally, Humility – You can’t always be right and you have to accept that. You don’t have all the answers and can’t be afraid to ask for help. Who wouldn’t want to buy from a company with these values? 

Plain and simple, rough skin ruins wonderful moments! I know you know what I’m talking about. We are living in a developed world and should not be dealing with rough skin anymore. Done! Avon’s Skin So Soft is here to save the day.

Avon Skin So Soft Line Explained

Healthier skin and lips

Avon’s Skin So Soft line really knows what they are doing. They have created 7 different formulas with different smells and let me tell you: they hit the spot! Let me give you a quick breakdown of the 7 “flavors”, for lack of a better word. First, they have their ‘Original’ products with jojoba oil and a fresh herbal scent. Jojoba oil is a natural emollient. It quickly absorbs into the skin leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking good! Next, they have “Bug Guard”, which contains all of their insect repellent products that are DEET-free.

The “Supreme Nourishment” products are infused with macadamia nut oil and a vanilla scent. Um YUM! That sounds like an ice cream flavor to me but maybe that’s just because I could really go for some ice cream right about now. Well anyway, the “Radiant Moisture” products are made with argan oil and a peony, musk scent. “Soft and Sensual” products are filled with argan oil and a spicy, floral scent. The “Firm & Restore” formula is made with babassu oil and has a green floral scent. Last but not least, “Fresh & Smooth” products are made with meadowfoam oil. All of these scents really do sound wonderful – you can’t even imagine how they smell!

Avon Skin So Soft Top 5 Products Reviewed

1. Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil

Three bottles of body oil in a row.

Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil.

Avon suggests putting a small amount of oil into a full bath allowing it to disperse evenly, or you can apply it after a bath or a shower to wherever you’d like. Even though warm showers and baths feel oh-so-good, warm water actually sucks all the moisture out of your skin which is why applying moisture after a shower or bath is crucial! I will definitely run out of this product a little quicker than most would since I tend to put it in the bath and proceed to apply it after I come out.

Skin So Soft Bonus-Size original bath oil claims to be America’s favorite bath oil and I believe it! It contains jojoba oil which, as I mentioned earlier, is a great natural emollient that hydrates your skin while also making it super soft. Another fun fact is that this oil is a natural bug repellent. I didn’t believe it myself until I went to an outdoor movie with friends and the next day they were all complaining about bug bites and I was just like “what bugs?”. The only thing that I would change would be the bottle it came in. I wish it had a pump but I found a solution for that by just putting it into another bottle with a pump! (Innovative, I know!)

2. Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition Family Size Pump Spray SPF 30

Let me just start out by saying, “go big or go home”. The family-sized Bug Guard Plus IR3535 Expedition Family Size Pump Spray SPF 30 is what you will need. I can guarantee that you’ll be sharing this with everyone you know. This bug repellent is extra special because it contains IR3535, which provides repellency against a large range of insects including black flies, biting midges, and gnats. It also contains Vitamin E, which helps moisturize your skin, and is DEET-free. Although there hasn’t been any proof of DEET causing harm when the product is used correctly, when used incorrectly, DEET can cause major health issues like disorientation, dizziness, and (rarely) seizures or death. So DEET-free is a good thing and definitely something I support! This bug spray ain’t just a bug spray, it’s also a sunscreen! 

Bug Guard Plus specifically repels mosquitos that may carry the West Nile Virus for up to 8 hours and deer ticks that may spread Lyme Disease for up to 10 hours. It is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and water resistant. That being said, no child under the age of 10 should apply it themselves but instead, have an adult apply it for them.

This product lasted for a good, long time and went on very smoothly. It was a bit greasy, but I didn’t mind it much. I even read online that people use this product on their pets. I have a goldfish and I think bug repellent might kill her, so I definitely won’t be trying this product on my pet. It says that it should be applied after 3 hours for continued protection from black flies and reapplied after 6 hours for continued protection from deer ticks. Going to go reapply now! I hate flies!

3. Skin So Soft Original Shower Gel

Bottles of shower gel.

Skin So Soft Original Shower Gel.

This shower gel comes in a small portable size which makes it easy to travel with. The bottle also has a hook so you can hang it up while in the shower. I actually brought this to the gym because I figured it was a perfect size to pack in my gym bag for my post-workout shower. It got rid of the sweat buildup without drying out my skin. What else can a girl ask for?

The Skin So Soft Original Shower Gel is great for people who don’t always shower in the same place! I know I gave the gym as an example but this would be great to leave at your boyfriend’s house or even your parents. It could even be used in your guest bathroom. Trust me, your guests will thank you!

4. Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Body Lotion

Four bottles of body lotion.

Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Body Lotion.

I would say I have normal skin. It’s not too dry, but that’s probably because I’m on top of it. It does get a lot drier in the winter though which means that I’m basically in a relationship with the lotion at that point. I occasionally have eczema and this has helped prevent the flare-ups. The Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Body Lotion comes in a HUGE bottle. It’s so large that it’s hard to find room for it, but I made it work. I also don’t feel like I’m going to run out of it anytime soon. It goes on smooth, stays on all day, and smells so, so good! Similar to other Skin So Soft products, this one also acts as a bug repellent! Let’s just say I haven’t gotten bitten by a bug in a while!

5. Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Body Hair Removal Cream

Tube of hair removal cream on marble background.

Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Body Hair Removal Cream.

This body Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Body Hair Removal Cream is meant for sensitive skin. It is fragrance-free and contains meadowfoam oil. Meadowfoam oil is similar to jojoba oil in that it helps keep moisture in. It also keeps this product fresh, extending its shelf life. I don’t know if I actually have sensitive skin or I’m just a sensitive person, but I tend to linger on the side of caution when applying chemicals to my body, which is why I have the hair removal cream for sensitive skin. Keep in mind that a similar product is available for non-sensitive skin, as well. It contains a few more ingredients and a scent.

Before I covered both my legs in the Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Body Hair Removal Cream, I tested a small patch 24 hours before just to make sure I didn’t have any bad reactions. A day later, when it seemed I was in the clear, I covered my dry legs and waited the suggested 2.5 minutes. I checked a small area to see if it worked but it didn’t so I kept it on for an additional 2.5 minutes and with one swipe I saw that it worked. The instructions say not to exceed 8 minutes, so I stayed within that range. I usually just shave my legs every other day and this lasted about a week before any stubble appeared, which was really great and appreciated!


Avon has set very high standards and values for their associates and products. Avon’s Skin So Soft brand is really trying to bring you the safest and best quality product out there. All their products provide you with a plethora of benefits. For example, the body lotion also works as an insect repellent and the insect repellent also works as a sunscreen. Avon cares about their customers and want them to be happy. In addition to their strong work values and ethics, they also don’t do any animal testing nor do they ask others to do it on their behalf. They mostly do in vitro testing or test on human volunteers to ensure their safety and effectiveness. All in all, Skin So Soft is a brand that I can support!

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If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

If you would like information on joining my team, and becoming your own Boss, let me know. I would love to mentor you to be success

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