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Need extra income? Join Avon for Free, right now, and let me mentor you to be your own Boss. Work part time, full time, your choice. Click here. You get a free eStore, free training, and lots of support free ⏩“.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You
Join Avon For FREE!

Your Very Own
Avon eStore For Free!

You’ll get your own website featuring all the latest Avon products found in the Avon Catalogs and ready to receive new customers!

Your Very Own
Avon Web Office!

The Avon back office is designed to help you manage your Avon business.

From placing customer orders, invoicing, training & product information, your Avon dashboard will be your “go-to”  for everything Avon!

Exclusive Top of the Line Training Presented By Avon, on the online Avon University!

As an Avon Representative you’ll have access to Avon’s free training tools.  You’ll discover new ways to share your products online and offline, as well as new methods to help bring you closer to your goals.

. . . and ENJOY 25% Off All your Avon Product Purchases!

AND ALSO YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL AVON ADVISER TO HELP YOU ALONG THE WAY, myself, Sandra Summers! I’m always available by cell. Text preferably, due to my busy work schedule. 719-937-9410l

Join Avon Online Now – Getting Started. Signing up to sell Avon online takes just a few simple steps. …

Join Avon by Providing Your Personal Information. …

Choose a password for your Free Avon Account. …

The Final Step to Signing up to Sell Avon Online.

But in addition to all these great incentives, as your advisor, my goal is to show you how the Avon opportunity can really work for you!   There’s nothing I’d like more than to guide you through you’re Avon journey.   I’m here to help you succeed 100%!

To help you achieve your goals, grow confidence in your abilities and celebrate your milestones and success!  Whether you’re looking for a discount, part time or you’re ready to jump right in full-time . . .

I’ll show you:

How to get the most out of your Avon experience.

How to avoid common mistakes New Reps often make.

How to run your business on a tight budget.

How to find Avon Customers.

How to get your business up and running in no time.
How to achieve your goals, whatever that may be.

And if it doesn’t work out . . .

For whatever reason, you have nothing to lose!  

You can walk away any time with a handful of great Avon products, the satisfaction you gave it a try, and new Avon friendships!

*If you have additional questions feel free to text  or email me at: 

Text  (719) 937-9410 / email

How does this all sound so far?  Are you ready to join Avon for FREE?

Yes, I’m Ready To Be My Own Boss!

Then let’s get you started!  Just click the button to sign-up!  Once you complete the Avon form I’ll personally contact you to welcome you to the Avon family and to my Avon team!

Become An Avon Beauty Boss!  
Sign-up Here It’s Quick & Easy

Need A Little More Motivation? Okay, How About This?


 You can earn more selling tools as you grow your business!  
Here’s what else you can get:

Earn Extra $$ Cash  Bonuses For Just Growing Your Business With Avon’s New Pathway To Premier Incentive!

Now keep in mind, you need to take advantage of the training, tips and experience I have to offer, to help you grow your business.

I will not be your boss, just your Avon Advisor. You will be your own Boss. You will make as much as you want, and work as much as you want. You will work in person, or online, or both!!! 

Other than a few company guidelines, you would run your business your way and what works best for you.   With Avon there are no sales quotas or inventory to keep.  

You decide when and how much time you want to put into your business.

I look forward to mentoring you to grow your business, becoming your own Beauty Boss, and fulfilling your dreams 🙂

Hope to talk to you soon,

Sandra Summers

You can also check out my eStore at ““. Or have a makeover or just find the right shade of makeup at ““. Browse my online eBrochure at ““. Or if you would like to become your own beauty Boss, click here, ““. I would love to be your Avon advisor/mentor. Have any questions, text me at 719-937-9410, or email me at ““.

Published by SLV Avon

I am an independent Avon representative. I am also a mother. My most important job is being a mom which is why I sell Avon. I love to mentor and guide new Avon Representatives to a higher level of success. to become Their Own Boss. A beauty boss. Make beauty your business, get started by clicking: 1) "" 2) put in reference code "SLV" 3) putting your personal information. 4) in a few days your startup kit will arrive and I will follow up with you to help you become Your Own Boss. if you have any issues with signing up please text me at 719 - 937-9410. My personal website is "Check out my site at "" it's time to get started on your destiny :)

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