Are You Not Sure Which Shade Of Cover Up Click Here->“. Click and scroll down.

Find the right shade for your skin tone, online! Finding the right shade, If you’ve ever had trouble finding the perfect shade of foundation? It has become easier with Avon. You can actually have the perfect shade for your skin tone, without wasting money on products you’ll never use.

Its easy and fast. Once you find the right shade, you will be able to order online and it will be delivered directly to your front door in just a couple of days.

Being a working woman, wife and mother, I know how hard it is to be able to “Have your cake and eat it too”, so to speak. That’s why I love Avon. I can get every thing I need, and it’s delivered directly to my front door. I can find the right shade of makeup, or even have a makeover using this online site through my Avon eStore.

Click here to find the right shade-> ““. Click and scroll down.

Let me know if you need any advice or assistance. My email is ““. Feel free to message me anytime.

My eStore is ““.

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Published by SLV Avon

I am an independent Avon representative. I am also a mother. My most important job is being a mom which is why I sell Avon. I love to mentor and guide new Avon Representatives to a higher level of success. to become Their Own Boss. A beauty boss. Make beauty your business, get started by clicking: 1) "" 2) put in reference code "SLV" 3) putting your personal information. 4) in a few days your startup kit will arrive and I will follow up with you to help you become Your Own Boss. if you have any issues with signing up please text me at 719 - 937-9410. My personal website is "Check out my site at "" it's time to get started on your destiny :)

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